Truthout: Of Patients and Prices

There are many good reasons to impatiently anticipate the end of one’s medical training, which not infrequently lasts upwards of five years following medical school. But counterpoised to the oft-cited benefits – greater autonomy, reliably increased remuneration, less reliably improved hours, and so forth – there is also, unfortunately, an almost entirely unrecognized drawback: a largely unavoidable entanglement in the business of health care … Read the article at Truthout here.


One response

  1. Excellent article and message is right on target. Medicare for all is the only system that makes sense. Profit is the driving factor in our medical system at this time, not care. It makes me feel some hope that a young physician can have such insight. Let me know what I can do to help, because we must make these changes. I tell everyone to start asking the doctor or hospital how much a procedure or treatment will cost. The reactions by the medical professionals is amazing because they are not accustomed to being asked about costs. The patient has to make several calls to billing offices to get even an estimated cost range. Where else in life do we buy something that could cost thousands of dollars but we don’t ask the cost?